Who I Am

Eat Pray Love:

Liz: I'm a writer.
Sophie: That's what you do. But who are you?

I have analyzed this a number of times myself and have come to the conclusion that it is not only what I do, but it really is who I am as well.

I am a writer, first and foremost.Writing is the only way that I can identify myself to others. Without writing, I would be missing a portion of myself so critical that I suspect I would be unable to exist at all. There are ink spots on my fingertips and on my clothes; there is always a notebook in my pocket or in my purse, ready for the notes I need to jot down about my observations and thoughts; I talk to myself; I need silence and alone time; I adore my handwriting, not looking at it after it's written down so much as while it flows right off the end of my pen in curls and dips of fine, black ink; writing permeates every aspect of everything that I do. It is me.

I have been a student of English for the past 8 years, and I just finished my Master's in English this spring. I wrote my thesis about some of my greatest passions: F. Scott Fitzgerald and film. I have spent the past four years of my life teaching composition to college students; it has been challenging and rewarding and frustrating and inspiring and so many other things that I can't even explain. I am able to be a good teacher; I think it's because I have such a strong passion for the subject matter itself. I know many of my students like me (not sure if that's the important part or not) and I know that a good amount of them have actually learned something and developed as writers. Right now, I am not sure where the road is going to take me, whether to another teaching position or beyond, but either way, I am confident that I can do anything in that field.

This summer, I am going on a journey, literally and figuratively. I have a brand new fulfilled dream under my belt and that stack of unfulfilled dreams collecting dust are just asking to be shaken off again. Those dreams are many and varied, but the most important dream is related to my writing, the ever-present and always important dream. Creating a good, strong, and solid piece of writing this summer will be my number one goal while all the rest will be the background for it.

This blog is purely a reflection of me, of my thoughts and dreams and hopes and ambitions. I hope you enjoy learning a little bit about me through my words, the most valuable part of me.