Thursday, September 23, 2010

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dead Lines. Or deadlines...

It looks like my thesis won't be finished in time for that new, much sooner deadline that the school only recently informed me about. I guess that's all right with me because I'm just not ready. It is frustrating because I am ready to start my life and I feel like life keeps on keeping me back.

But, in order to make that claim, I guess I have to ignore some of the huge advantages I have had. Even though I complain about money, I have a lot more teaching experience, and subsequently a lot more paying work, than a lot of other people in the same position that I am in. Also, I will take 4 full years to finish graduate school, but I spent a year in the middle pursuing scriptwriting in the communications department. It was definitely worth it to me to take time out to have some new experiences! I would like to explore more in that field too, so it didn't hurt me but rather helped me to see more of my dreams.

Overall, I am happy with the experiences that I've had as a grad student. I'm disappointed that my "graduate experience" is not ending as soon as I'd hoped, but I'd rather be good and ready before making my presentation. ...And I'm not good and ready yet. I am determined to be ready very soon though. Keep me accountable!